This year’s spring event we had to conquer the Indian ocean. The devs announced beforehand that it’d be a relatively large-scale event, so I made sure I had enough resources this time.

Spring 2015 KanColle event end-screen

It took focused effort, since the winter event (about which I didn’t write a blogpost for some reason) drained my ammo. Though in the first place I started that event with around 50k, then farmed back 20-25k before I’d start (then finish) E5.

Luckily enough, since the winter event, I finally got Musashi, meaning I had the great hotel duo to use this time. Not that it’s impossible without them – the spring event was much easier than winter. In winter I’d have to sparkle both main fleets, and both support fleets. Even then the abort rate was sky-high, and getting an S win against the boss was a distant dream in most cases.

Spring event was one map longer, up to E6, but in exchange it was significantly easier. On the top two difficulties, the same ships couldn’t be used in E3-4-5, but there were no restrictions on E6.


The only challenge was E6, the rest were a bit annoying at best. E6 had an anchorage demon first node, and a carrier princess pre-boss, with a flagship Ru between them line ahead, so as could be expected, the abort rate wasn’t exactly low. On the other hand, it was perfectly doable even without sparkling, so it wasn’t nearly as tough as winter’s E5. Of course I challenged all maps on the highest difficulty.

The rewards were quite nice too. Like (probably) everyone else, I was very short on screws, so the few extra from the awards came very handy. I was lucky enough that Roma dropped in E6 while I was clearing it, so I didn’t have to go back to rotate it just for her. Here are the event girls with Zuiho.

Spring event rewards (+1)