I’ve been using Sony Xperia VLs ever since I switched to a smartphone, and so far I haven’t found anything that’d perform better. Most devices fail my very first test: don’t be fucking huge. With the VL’s 4.3″ display, I can barely just reach the top left corner of the screen with my right thumb – anything bigger counts as inconvenient.

The other day I (again) managed to break my VL’s screen though, and while it’s getting repaired, I was given an LG Optimus G. It was a huge setback. Slow. Big. Bugged. Hell, in a day the home/back buttons at the bottom of the screen stopped functioning for good, after a wonderful display of jumping to the home screen randomly for a few minutes. I really really dislike iPhones, but I’d still rather take that than another Optimus.

However, I need a phone for my job, and as I wrote above the Optimus basically rendered itself unusable, so I got it replaced with a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Its 4.8″ screen is too big for me, but for some weird reason it still feels smaller and more convenient than the 4.7″ of the Optimus. While it feels significantly slower than the VL, it’s pretty. I mean, the colors are very vivid and in general the display quality seems high.

I still want my VL back. Or anything smaller than that with better specs.