Month: July 2016

The charm of Akiba

The popularity of Akihabara, “heaven of nerds” is beyond me. I see people go there without any voiced reason, and after every Comiket, torrents of people rush there to… I don’t even know what.

Sure if you’re out to buy some dojin porn or rare anime goods, it’s a good spot to find those. Tech gadgets? Sure thing. I’ve been to Akiba to buy airsoft gear myself too. But most people aren’t going there for the maid or catgirl cafes with their magically delicious meals, nor are they shopping up on high-end audio gear or tentacle porn.

Is this the same as women “going to the mall shopping”, just walking around the place without any intent or willingness to buy anything? Someone explain to me.

Cheers love, air support’s here!

Once upon a time, back in the end of May, there was a KanColle event, one that did more damage than good. In the first place, I’m nowhere near as active a player as I used to be, only doing expeds and daily PVPs, and sortie maybe once in a blue moon when I’m in the mood. The reason is that I got bored with all the random. All the sweat and tears that go into levelling a bote to decent power levels feel meaningless when the next moment the same bote gets oneshot by some ridiculous peon enemy that just happened to crit because RNG.

Guess it’s no surprise that the event was rather a distanced grind on my side than an operation with emotional investment (like some before have been). Of course it’s hard to justify any of my complaints when the entirety of KC’s gameplay revolves around plain old luck, so I’ll just complain about the new air support function.