I use Terminal a lot. I vaguely remember there being a time when I was frustrated about having to start it up to do stuff, but by now it’s my natural go-to for basically everything from just finding files to applying replay gain to a whole folder tree.

I also use two screens and three workspaces (one for idle browsing, one for focused work and one just for GitKraken and Clementine), so I tend to have multiple Terminal instances running in parallel. However, with the upgrade to 17.04, getting there got harder.

The “New Terminal” option from the right-click menu disappeared mysteriously, so when I wanted to start a new instance, I needed to go to the Dash and start it from there. Needless to say, much less convenient.

A quick search got me the solution. Turns out the Terminal .desktop files had an OnlyShowIn option restricting them to Unity 7 – and I suspect 17.04 upgraded that to Unity 8. Commented it out, now I’m back to starting new Terminal instances in one-and-a-half clicks.