There was a Yoshida Hiroshi exhibition in the Sonpo museum in Shinjuku. I had no idea who the painter was, but I saw the ads during my commute and I liked the style of the art, so I decided to go. I must admit that this all was the last weekend of July, I was just too lazy to write about it so far.

It’s been a while since I last went to see an exhibit (years, even). Recently I rather spend my free days more actively – in the sense of doing creative stuff (or wasting my day playing games). I don’t regret braking that habit though.

The Yoshida exhibition was just plain fabulous. The different styles of art, from Japanese-style woodblock paintings and hanging scrolls and expressionism to a more realistic depiction of war and suffering were an exciting trip. It’s interesting to see the quiet scenery of a snow-covered farm next to the sight from the cockpit of a dive-bomber.

My personal favorite was the series on the Japanese Alps. The mountain sceneries really made me want to go climb some of those snowy peaks. (That’s still among my long-term plans actually.)

Also it made me realize that I enjoy going to museums and seeing (certain kinds of) art, so maybe I should make a habit of this once again.