Month: December 2017

Wizard of Earthsea

Yesterday I set a bit of a stretch goal for myself: read a whole book. There are still plenty on my shelf that I could read in (half) a day, but in the end I went with Wizard of Earthsea, that just arrived yesterday too.

I didn’t know much about the series, only that it was adapted into a Ghibli movie (that I haven’t seen) criticized by the author. But it’s youth fiction, so I supposed it was  easy (and quick) to read, and I wasn’t wrong.


I was afraid I would forget something I wanted to do today, so I used a TodoMVC demo to keep track of what I wanted to do today. I have a bad habit of “wasting” weekends just playing games or idly staring at Twitter and Mastodon – not necessarily wasted, actually, since that’s plenty of recovery and mental idle after the tightly paced weekdays.

The point is rather that I often do that and not do things that I’d want or need to do, and that’s where the list comes handy. Actually on Mastodon I was pointed to Habitica for the same purpose, and I did register too, but at first glance it felt a bit too much for what I needed (an absolutely minimal todo list) and also counter-intuitive with its game-like system.