I was looking for a mountain to climb. I wanted something easy for a change, but still preferably one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan. In the end I went with Mt Daibosatsu, which is relatively close, easy to access (that is when the buses run) and isn’t difficult.

Since the whole trek to the peak and down another route only takes 2-3 hours total, I hoped I could skip the waking up at 5am part, but that was not meant to be. I had to use normal trains instead of the convenient (and fast) limited expresses, so it ended up like 4 hours one way. That’s 8 hours on the train for a 3 hour climb.

Which climb really was easy. The only challenge was that the midday sun melted the night frost so the trail was extremely muddy (and slippery). In exchange, as the weather was very clear, on the way up I got really good views of Mt Fuji and all the way to the Alps.

The Kaizansou hut had some limited wine on sale (you can only get it there, apparently). I didn’t expect much from it, but I took home a bottle for my family. I was surprised how everyone praised it. Apparently pretty good.