Month: March 2019

Akadake visszavágó

Egy pár hete megpróbáltam már egyszer megmászni a Yatsugatake legmagasabb csúcsát, ám akkor a hágóvas hiánya és az átfagyott bakancs kifogott rajtam. De én nehezen viselem a vereséget, úgyhogy pár nappal később vettem egy eggyel nehezebb (és melegebb és keményebb) bakancsot, amire már hágóvasat is lehet kapcsolni. (Ő aztán az Akagin került tesztelésre.)

Download Japan 2019

To sum up Download’s experiment with expanding to Japan: good artists, meh sound. The lineup was truly, truly outrageous: Amaranthe, Man with a Mission, Halestorm, Arch Enemy – just to name those who brought me to Makuhari. The headliner Judas Priest are legends (if aged) and some may consider Slayer music too (I have trouble in that regard).


Today the Arcarum summons got their fifth release and the associated characters (sages?) have been unlocked as well. They’ve finally raised the weekly/total point limits too, so now I’m less likely to bump into that wall when running the rounds.



Akadake loser

Akadake (often romanized as Mt Aka) is part of Yatsugatake, it’s highest peak actually. The range is known for being “active” all year round. Other mountains get inaccessible and deserted as winter starts: buses stop running, mountain huts close until spring and so on.

The Yatsugatake range has lots of ski resorts and it’s a friendly place for people like me who want to try climbing in snow. I’ve had a weekend’s fun in Tateshina already (which is the northern neighbor of Yatsugatake actually), so now I decided to jump into the deep water (snow) and go for Mt Aka. I didn’t expect the difficulty I faced.