Today the Arcarum summons got their fifth release and the associated characters (sages?) have been unlocked as well. They’ve finally raised the weekly/total point limits too, so now I’m less likely to bump into that wall when running the rounds.

As for that: the characters’ stories now play when I look at the summons’ pages in the shop, explaining the other side of the backstory. (I’m still not 100% sure where I missed the part about going to the island altogether, but that’s not relevant now.) The characters are surprisingly not annoying and the reasoning makes sense too. For details read the story, not gonna spoil it.

Anyway, for the first time in Granblue history, it is explained why we have to defeat the same opponents over and over again. That’s been one of my big issues with the game: sure most battles are part of the story at some point, but it’s been conveniently avoided why we can (and effectively have to) grind the same battles hundreds of times for any useful return.

Which of course holds true for the Arcarum-related stuff as well. Anyone who’s 4☆’d any of those summons knows just how tedious they are, mostly because of the limits on how much we can run Arcarum dungeons and the weekly point cap. That’s somewhat better now that it’s up to 30 stages instead of just 10.

The new limit releases also need quite ridiculous amounts of materials. I wonder how long until someone collects all the sages. (It’s not fair that Nia is so good but Death is so bad.) For the time being, I’ll just go back to casually Ground Zeroing everything during my commutes and eventually I’ll get there.