Pretty tough and long hike. Loose rocks all the way made it really exhausting. The Sherpas were of course moving really quick, so I felt pretty drained when we stopped for lunch.

Moving on top of the glacier and crossing countless melt streams was quite an experience. Very little visible ice though, mostly covered in dust and rocks. Lots of ice- and rockfall as it was thawing too (the trail was safe though).

The water in camp isn’t clean at all. I get boiled water in my Nalgenes, wait until it cools, then pour it into my soft Platypus bottles. This way I can get rid of most of the sediment. If only I had a filter (instead of just purification tablets)…

When we got to camp I was feeling pretty dead, but some hot soup (that looks suspiciously like Arabic alphabet soup) and an Algoflex later I’m feeling back in business. Let’s hope resting heartrate goes back around 70 by the time I go to sleep.

The dust is real. I blow my nose and mud comes out. Ears too. Not to mention today was pretty hot, so got a nice coating of salt from sweat too. At least no sunburn–sunscreen is doing