Very early start today, I assume to avoid glacier melt as much as possible. Woke up before it even started getting bright. The terrain the same rolling glacier landscape as the days before. Lots of up-and-down, pretty exhausting.

Broad Peak base camp was still hours more from Concordia, which was quite a mental blow. It got cloudy and started drizzling snow the last hour or so.

The base camp is still under construction, like no shower or only one toilet at this point. The toilet hole is pretty small, so gonna have to aim well.

Temperature control is pretty difficult. Can go from cozy warm to where’s my down jacket cold in seconds. Inside the sleeping bag it’s too warm, outside too cold. Gonna figure it out in a day or two (or die of hypothermia haha).

The mountains are majestic as expected. Because of the extreme environment, the weather changes very fast. Right now it’s cold with some wind, so most people (myself included) are huddled up in their tents.

Much to my surprise we have solo tents in base camp. Sadly it’s North Face and a little short, but hopefully it’ll do its job well.