For the past few years, unless I’m in the mountains (or very severely hungover) I’m having granola with almond milk for breakfast. I switched from using cow milk after it started causing trouble (bloating and such fun stuff), but that’s genetic.

However recently I noticed that right after eating breakfast I get incredibly sleepy. It makes no sense: at that point I’m only 2-3 hours at most into the day, usually past my first coffee or energy drink, and possibly even past a good gym workout. And yet.

I grew suspicious, so this week I’ve been experimenting. Not having breakfast. Having the granola breakfast when I’m really hungry. Only having a slice of famichiki for breakfast. Conclusion is that the granola + almond milk mix, even if only half a serving, still makes me very sleepy.

What gives? More importantly, what could I replace it with so I’m not dead first thing in the morning?