Today was a day that didn’t start so well. I woke up one too early for some reason (weird dreams? too much light? two full workouts the day before?), but I kept going back to sleep until I was 30 minutes before my first meeting, at which point I put on my pants, went jogging on my now-usual route and even had time to shower before the meeting started. There was a lot to do. The “year” starts in April in Japan, so there’s a lot of setting goals and meeting managers, but there’s also a lot of ripe fruit to pluck (even if not necessary low-hanging) that I’ve set my eyes on.

I had to realize that I probably overworked myself (physically in the gym) yesterday, because even after a whole day of almost-rest I was still feeling sore, so instead I opted to chill today, have some beer while I can and catch up on last season’s anime. This weekend I’ll be going alcohol-free in preparation for the Denali expedition in May. It’s gonna be (haha) fun to pull off another Arabaki dry, but I’ll manage for sure. Caffeine at least is not among the forbidden substances (only alcohol is at this point, though I figure tobacco should be on the “list” too).