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Again, i’m taking a dive into chaos theory, for the sake of my economy report. As easy to guess, i’m trying to find an interesting part of economic science where chaos plays a nice part and is not such a hell to describe without going into page-long formulae and alike. So far the most interesting part came up in a presentation by Benoit Mandelbrot, actually one of the main points of it, the usage of price graphs as sounds. Or maybe something else if i can find. But because of that, i mean the Brownian noise mention in there, i was listening to “brown noise” since then.

And while i was typing this post, i decided to have a run at the library and print another paper about chaos theory—i only hope it’ll be useful for the economy part as well. And i asked for suggestions for a good topic from a few friends studying economy for longer, and i repeat that here: if you have a good idea, don’t hesitate.

The other event of the day was that i tried a method for fixing that the hair not in the dreads grows longer and longer, one i’ve seen when i got it fixed in december. It works indeed, but if overdone it hurts like hell, so i’ve got a few sensitive spots on my head right now…


A Bolyai végzős tudományos diákkörön (így se hívtuk soha) a káoszelméletről tartottam előadást, volt sikere is (bár a filozófia nekem jobban bejött, annak nem találom az anyagát), úgyhogy év végén még egyszer nagyközönség előtt is elő kellett adnom. Szóval ő az. A .ppt-ből nem szedegettem ki a képeket, de ha valakit nagyon érdekel, letölthető (vigyázz, több, mint ötven mega!). Ha elgépelés van benne, sajnálom, ha formázási furcsaság, arról a Word tehet (mosom kezeimet). Jó olvasást.

Pi again

Because of the americans, i started learning the Pi. I can’t let them beat me in anything. I’m at 15 digits as of now, but i’ll learn about twelve more tonight. I’ll catch up in a week…


I think i’ll just lay down, have a tea and listen to the remaining two parts of the Life of Pi. Apropos Pi, i may follow the americans’ example and learn a few hundred digits of Pi. As of now, i know five after the point.