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Telegraf on Kubernetes with InfluxDB Cloud

I’ve had most of my stuff running a k3s “cluster” for the past half a year or so. The whole setup runs on a single $5-a-month Digital Ocean droplet with 1vCPU and 1GB of memory.

Needless to say, it doesn’t take much to bring the whole thing to its knees. While it has no issues dealing with the little traffic my blog receives, I would accidentally bring it down occasionally when I install a Helm chart that turned out to be much heavier than I’d thought.

Getting that system dashboard working

Earlier I wrote about how I set up Beats – Elasticsearch – Grafana to visualize the various metrics (and logs, hate me) from Kitsune‘s dev server. There were a few tricky spots that didn’t work at first and took a while to figure out (or at least get working).



System metrics dashboard


ここしばらくは空いてる時間でキツネという分散型SNSを開発している。分散型SNSは一台のサーバーで完結せず、ActivityPubやOStatusといったプロトコルでいろんなサービス(Mastodon, Pleromaなど)とのサーバー間の通信も重要。