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Today could’ve been better. Just i should’ve gone to bed a bit earlier, not at two (again). Anyway i managed to wake up so that i had a bit of time to have breakfast (really fast), and then classes. In the lunch break came the first adventure: i had to initiate a bank transfer. That in itself wouldn’t have been a problem, but i also had no idea what my pin code was for the cash card, since i never used it until now. This made it interesting to solve in an hour. And yet, i even had lunch, an instant ramen i bought at the kombini. After classes i decided to do something about my fingers—the skin started to get very dry and ragged on the end, and soon it became painful as well, so i asked at the office where’s a doc for such problems, went there, waited over an hour, had the examination, and was relieved. Lucky, it’s no infection or fungi, it’s just dry. Very. I got some ointments for it, i hope it’ll be of use. After i got back i went to play futsal at the gym, and it was great (first time with the new shoes). Won about half of the games we played, scored a couple of goals, and got home totally tired. I had a shower, and am planning to make greek salad. I’d just need a bowl for that—the one i’d use is still occupied by the cottage cheese remaining from yesterday. Have to figure this out.

Round one

Why? Well, probably i wasn’t careful enough. Three teeth gone astray cavity. Bad luck for me… i’ve to get them fixed before april, and the first one (bottom left no. 7) had it drilled and filled (man, like a bad McDonald’s ad “Get a Drill’n’Fill!”), with minor complications. One being me fainting after getting the one-and-halfth shot of (local) anaesthetic. Poor dentist was more scared than i ever will be of any operation, i think. Don’t know what came to me—so far i only had problems with letting docs suck my blood with their bloody hypo. Whatever, this was unexpected for me too. But i’m afraid that she’ll be afraid to give me shots next time so i’ll feel every turn of the drill in my tooth (still two to go, i hate to think of that!), and i’ve got the feeling that it’ll hurt like hell. Simply because of yesterday it started hurting anyway (the one above the fixed one). Hope not. The sure thing, these three turns won’t make me love dentists. At all.