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On the boards

Last year I didn’t go snowboarding. Or rather couldn’t: during the season my wallet was dry as something that’s very dry, due to the Karakoram expedition the previous summer (and the insurance company fighting my claim for over half a year). Then the season was over.

This year however a friend kindly invited me along, so I was back in Yuzawa after almost two years. I surprised myself by doing pretty okay by my own standards, not crashing too much and turning okay-ish.

Hopefully I can go snowboarding again a few times before the little snow that this warm winter had disappears.


To keep practicing snowboard, the next target was Gala Yuzawa. It’s an apparently pretty famous snow resort, considering how it has its own shinkansen station (yes really) and probably the first destination for snow tourists seeing the huge number of foreigners (including the staff).

In motion

I don’t know how it’s at other schools, but my university had compulsory PE classes. Sure only once a week and only for two semesters, but it was still annoying. Except for one good thing: there was an option to take a few days long ski trip instead of the regular class in the winter semester. Which of course I did. It was my first time skiing and I loved it. That was in 2011.