Recently I’ve been working on making a valid, semantic and accessible HTML5+CSS3 page out of a bag I’d seen in a local supermarket). I’m using Chromium most of the time, because it updates often and has support for the most cutting-edge stuff as well.

The problem is, other browsers don’t. So even though it looks all nice and nifty on my screen, if i reboot and check it on Windows, the situation gets complicated. Luckily IE 9 supports everything i need for the design (more or less), except for the text-shadow property, but that’s just enough punishment for people using IE.

However, across browsers there’s this troubling thing with the included fonts, that they simply don’t switch to the japanese font for the japanese text, but instead use the system’s build-in (and in the context of this design, ugly) defaults. It’s especially annoying because i even define the Unicode range for the japanese font… I guess i should just do the same with Museo, the other font used. But it’s effort, because i’ve to look up exactly what character range is covered in it. I’m afraid it’s not even a simple range… But if not even that could make the browsers use the japanese font, i’ll be really lost for clues as for what hack to use… (I guess some fancy JavaScript solution with character range regexes could do the trick, but it’d be an ugly solution for sure.)