hope i can call this progress… i almost finished my the hardest work of mine lately, the an site (yeah, the one i’ve been working on in january, just i’m such a lazy guy that i haven’t finished it yet =$), which only needs about a weekends work to finish. i’ll do it!

also i created my newest collection of music, and titled it Rock Fool’s Day. the tracklist is as follows.

  1. american werewolves – a kiss for the dying
  2. bullet for my valentine – all these things i hate
  3. lullacry – don’t touch the flame
  4. axxis – lady moon
  5. him – rip out the wings of a butterfly
  6. asian kung-fu generation – haruka kanata
  7. at vance – heaven
  8. in extremo – poc vocem
  9. primal fear – the immortal ones
  10. scar symmetry – deviate from the form
  11. deathstars – blitzkrieg
  12. iron maiden – doctor doctor
  13. die apokalyptischen reiter – we will never die
  14. blind guardian – another holy war
  15. sentenced – may today become the day
  16. mystic prophecy – master of sins
  17. helloween – mrs. god
  18. gamma ray – armageddon

also, i have to disable comments due to a massive amount of spamming from the usual annoying sources. man, how can someone create and pay a site of that kind? why does it worth it? i can’t see… also they show a nice big knowledge of scripting, creating so much virtual hosts and so “well” done spam bots… congrats, you damned spammers! naturally my emails are being overwhelmed by them too, but at least filtering is easier there. i saw a nice method of filtering them here too, hope it’ll work…

as soon as i get the cash to move hosts, i’ll do so, and move to a new host, and create new layouts for the site, and the blog also. i can’t wait till then.

is there anyone reading this blog? please post a comment to make sure. i’ll keep on posting for myself if noone’s there =)