I finished this blog engine by now, all functions I need are ready and working. I’ll now start working on the comments system, the user registering and such. I even managed to find and rewrite a code that pings the largest blogger sites. Oh, and not to forget that I only have a few lines of code to add to the AN site to finish it. I think I’ll end that one by this weekend, this time really. I only have to do the last page, the usergroup management, which will be much more easier as I can see now than expected.

Anyway, most of my day was not eaten up by coding but by composing, correcting and precticing the text for the English project I already wrote about. It’s total 2 pages, that short because we had to finish it in ~10 minutes, and also about 15-16 pictures in a PP presentation. I could luckily find the video record of that speech of Martin Luther King (the “I have a dream…” one), so I don’t have to read that at least.

Now the day ends, the song ends, and everyone goes to rest, and prepare for the hardships of tomorrow. Good night.