It wasn’t bad though. I did the background music for vDesign, it’s from the Four Seasons of Vivaldi, Winter. I think it matches the layout. I had some problems with embedding flash content under Opera, but somehow it got solved by itself.

I haven’t done much else today, coz we were celebrating the birthday of my niece. She’s 8. I got home at somewhere around 4pm, thus had only two hours to work or so.

And i also got a new website to do, for my bro (who i guess is reading these lines too). It won’t be easy, i’ll start learning the needed aspects of Flash as soon as i find a good tutorial. And i’ll surely find one.

Oh, and here come a podcast (background music of vDesign).

Title: L’Inverno – Allegro non molto
Author: Antonio Vivaldi
Album: Le Quatro Stagioni
Length: 03:14