I arrived back from my one week holiday from lake Balaton. To be exact, i arrived yesterday afternoon, i just didn’t feel like posting here back then – you know, a six hour train trip is pretty tiring not to mention the damn hot weather.

The usual temperature nowadays is about 35°C, and that’s very hot – but i guess there’s no need to tell you that. We were quite lucky with the weather last week, since while we were on the holiday, it was all time sunny and warm, with only one single hour of rain all week.

This one week of idleness gave me pretty much time to think about things. Some of the many results: i’ll revive and upgrade Anime Dragon, create new layouts and such. I want to make it a popular, very good site. I also want to finish Digimon Backup. I hope it won’t take much longer… I’ll work on it today for sure. Hope i can finish it this weekend – if not, then anytime.

The vacation also gave me more time that i can use to learn japanese, and i want to exploit that completely. I already ordered the japanese grammar book – it’s been out of trade for about 20 years, so it may take a while to get one. Until then i’ll use the internet as my source – the About site for japanese language is pretty useful.

? post end ?