Workin’ on Digimon Backup. It’s coming together well. I put it online because so many people asked for the new version. I’ll soon upload a new movie page and the dex and loads of dex pages.

But the past almost two hours i’ve only been browsing DA. I can spend evenings doing nothing just looking at other people’s galleries and the linked-in things. Somehow i ended up at a really cool Digimon fanfic site called Digimon Viral. I think i’ll link it in now. So this is it. I haven’t read much of the story as of now (only the first chapter) but that’s great.

Oh and it’s a feeling to look at a character’s profile there, and read that his theme song is the exact song i’m listening to… Not to mention it’s a great song. Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I risk it being one of the top three Green Day songs.