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Spent another day…

Workin’ on Digimon Backup. It’s coming together well. I put it online because so many people asked for the new version. I’ll soon upload a new movie page and the dex and loads of dex pages.

But the past almost two hours i’ve only been browsing DA. I can spend evenings doing nothing just looking at other people’s galleries and the linked-in things. Somehow i ended up at a really cool Digimon fanfic site called Digimon Viral. I think i’ll link it in now. So this is it. I haven’t read much of the story as of now (only the first chapter) but that’s great.

Oh and it’s a feeling to look at a character’s profile there, and read that his theme song is the exact song i’m listening to… Not to mention it’s a great song. Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I risk it being one of the top three Green Day songs.

Speed up

Digimon Backup will be online today. I mean the new version. It does not have too much content as of now, but in my plans i will upload 4 pages (2 hungarian, 2 english) every day from now on until i finish. Oh and also the remaining incomplete systems should be completed too.

When i say it doesn’t have too much content it means it only has about 10 pages up – out of at least 150… Well, it was decided by my visitors: i put up a poll friday to ask their opinion about it, and as of now (when there’s still about 15 minutes remaining until the close of the poll) the first option (upload now with less content) wins sky-high. And i work for my visitors, so… enjoy what you’ll get.


Sorry but i can’t talk about much else than how the work is going with the sites. I’ve done lots to the DB engine, almost everything but the admin panel should be working by tomorrow. Then i’ll create the admin page, start adding the content and everything else, make better quality images for the pages and it’s done. I think i can start adding content this week and it should take at most two more to add everything in both languages. Maybe i’ll even include a BabelFish translator in the page a’la Online Digimon.

I also got quite amount of exercises to prepare for my informatics exam and i have also started reading a philosophic work of Lenin. Omoshiroi (面白い).


Mostmár lassan egész délután a Digimon Backup kódjával játszadozom, már ha játszadozásnak lehet nevezni azt a tevékenységet, ami lassan halad, és nem sok örömet hoz menet közben, annál több bosszantó problémát? A sakkjátékos olvasóktól most kérek elnézést, mert arra ráillik…

A lényeg, hogy szinte az összes időm erre ment el, és mégse tartok szinte sehol se. Majd holnap… pedig holnapra japántanulást terveztem, ha már sikerült újra kikölcsönöztetnem a tankönyvet a könyvtárból… úgy tűnik, ismét csak esti pár óra jut majd arra a célra. Igaz, ha ezekkel a template cuccokkal kész leszek, akkor már szinte csak az admin felület és a tartalom marad… “csak”-ot írtam? Jó ég… Azért remélem, tanév eleje előtt befejezem…

Most pedig jöhet a délután Sherlock Holmes film a televízióban, aztán egy óra pihi (szinoníma a feltehetőleg filozófia témájú könyvek olvasására), jön kedvenc bajuszos belgánk (Poirot) és még egy Holmes-kaland. Ennyi a mai programom. Meg nagyjából minden vasárnapomé. Változatos vagyok, nem?

(Not) lazy Sunday afternoon

I just realized i haven’t posted for almost two days – sorry for that. Yesterday i’ve been playing Maple – surprise-surprise, Vale’s playing! Such things don’t happen too often… I play on MapleSEA (South East Asia), because there i have my last year’s characters (i started there because i had people i know there). I have two characters, a level 17 mage called Olostur on the Bootes server and a level 8 beginner (mage-wannabe) called Gholem on Aquila. My cousin has a character on one of the servers too, but i don’t know that its name.

Today almost all my time was spent on working on Digimon Backup. It’s coming together nice. I only have a … huge pile of things left to do =). That include the dynamically generated sidebars, the admin area, 2-3 page template and naturally the revised content itself. I also plan to write an own forum engine too, but i’d rather first finish the site before doing that…

Digimon Backup

Today i’ll work on my main content site, Digimon Backup. The new domain for it is already active, so i only need to convert and rewrite the old content (which will probably take a pretty while), make some new scripts (another time-consuming thing) and fit everything in the new layout i created.

It’ll be a nice big work, but at least i can do something i like. The site will stay bilingual, so available in both enlish and hungarian. It’s more fun like that, not to mention i can get hits from both local and foreign digimon communities. Rather say, i want to create a local digimon community to get hits from, since there are only a few (max 2) other sites in addition to DB that has the chance do such a thing.

Now i’m off working… WRB