This morning i played with the Prince of Persia series’ latest piece named The Two Thrones (T2T for short). It’s quite fun, and not hard either – though i continued my little brother’s game and he plays on easy level.

I experienced bugs only twice: once it froze when i tried to save the game (luckily it was in the very beginning, so it didn’t cause much problem), and once i successfully threw a guard inside the wall causing him to die. Believe me, it was quite funny as i catched the guard, made an acrobaric slice and then elegantly threw him in the wall.

The game itself is really good. I was a bit shocked when i first saw the real-time rendered graphics, because it didn’t quite look as good as i expected, but then i got used to it. The controls are easy to learn, and easy to use too, also the sometimes very long and very powerful combo moves the prince can use against enemies. He can do all he could in the previous episodes, and also a lot more. He gained a lot more combo moves (there was already a lot in Warrior Within), and he still can use two weapons simultaneously.

He also gained a new ability called speed kill. If you can sneak near an enemy unrecognised, and then, when the screen flashes, press the second weapon button, and then, when the weapon flashes, press it again, he can kill the enemy in only two hits, without getting hurt or realised. Just as in Splinter Cell or other sneaking-quietkilling games.

The secrets (where you can find health power-up) are quite easy to find, but just as hard to get to as in the previous episodes.

The other new thing is not really new… It’s the debut of the Dark Prince. He’s much like the Sand Wraith from Warrior Within. When the Vezir (who got revived somehow) frees the Sands of Time again, the Prince gets infected by it too, and also gets a chain around his left arm. Sometime later then the Prince transforms to the Dark Prince. He uses two weapons too: the Dagger and the chain on his arm. Quite powerful, so to say. He also always criticizes the Prince when he’s not in his dark form. They quarrel with each other (quietly – in a bit schizophrenic manner), which sounds quite funny.

I haven’t played much yet though – when i finish the game i’ll write about the story too!