Do you think that doing more than four projects simultaneously, with each of them requiring a lot of attention, is that crazy? Well, if you answered yes, then you just titled me crazy. =) “No para, be cool.” Dunno where did i quote that, but i remember that from sometime back in my very very childhood – i risk even from the first year of gindergarten or even earlier…

But that’s a bit off. So, right now i’m doing five projects (counting only those that i do on PC):

1. I work on KiltAnt, the newborn kilt shop of my brother. I write the whole back-end and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Kilt is the scottish manskirt. See, whenever i finish it. Progress well.

2. I work on my new blog engine. It’ll have loads of optimalizations and fixes, new features and such. It’ll have mobile access too, ajax-based search and commenting… i don’t want to show it to the public until it’s totally finished though. Sorry guys.

3. I work on Digimon Backup, my digimon fansite. Lately… well, i’m kinda less interested in digimon. And also, it’s quite troublesome to use that system i wrote. So i think i’ll write yet another one, as quickly as i can, and hire some staff. See

4. I work on an offline magazine i make with my friends. It’s called Radiátor – it think it’s the same in english too. It’s mainly music based, but has many of other kinds of culture too – books, movies, anime and many more.

I can’t think of any more right now… =)