I am totally extraordinary. Have you seen anyone at the age of seventeen who haven’t experienced disappointment. I hope that’s the right word, because i can’t be sure. I haven’t found any better english equivalent for the thought i want to express.

After doing a major part of the new comment system for the blog (which will debut in the new version), i have watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, an anime series ran this spring. It’s about 14 episodes only, but i can say that i love it! Very probable to become one of my favourites.

Also, i’m crazily optimistic, but on the other hand sometimes antisocial and depressed. Right now Haruhi cheered me up a whole, so i even took news that would crush others just so cheerily… Though i’m sure i would’ve taken it light anyway, such serious things can’t affect me much quickly… Also, it’s not sure.

It’s like i don’t belong into this world… though i love it and things in it a lot. That’s not very reasonable / compatible, is it? Not neccessarily, now to think about it. One can love things not related to himself more than those too familiar.

I skipped now too much time… gotta go back translating a biography for a friend. I’m strange today, please don’t touch me, or i may bite.