I’ve been thinking about my future house now once again. Long ago i’ve been drawing plans of houses and such – i even considered becoming an architect (dropped idea: i don’t like physics enough to do that). But now, instead of drawing plans, i rather think about what would i really need. A few things i’m sure about: i’ll find a quiet place for it. I’m fed up with that i can’t sleep with open windows even in the warmest nights (like nowadays), because even in the middle of the night, the traffic is really annoying. Not to mention finding a place at a climate more comfortable than this one here. I would think of Iceland or some Japanese (or any) high mountains. I favour cold over warm: when it’s cold, i can still put on additional layers of cloths, but when it’s ’round 30 °C, what should i do? Drop my skin, or what?

I have also some definite thoughts about some parts of the house. For example, a sauna, a japanese style bathroom and garden, a big library and such. A sauna is a must-have, it’s simply too much fun to leave out. The japanese style bathroom is an extension of the sauna (or vice versa): with that huge tub of water, it’s a perfect place for post-sauna cooldowns, not to mention late night warmups. A big garden is also a lot of fun… imagine a huge, shady garden with a high, living bamboo fence and huge trees everywhere. A big library is a necessity for a bookworm like me. If you’d see my room, you’d understand why. I have two shelves, but they are both full, so by now, about half of my room’s floor is covered by books. If this is the situation at the age of seventeen, what will be later, when i get a job, and i’ll buy dozens of books? Scary.

What i forget before, is that (most probably in the basement) there must be a huge hall, with enough space for a billiard- and a pingpong table. These are the sports i want to spend my time with (in addition to swimming, football, cycling and hiking) when i’ll have enough time.

This would be it. Maybe later i’ll post some plans, but there isn’t any yet…