There was no Bleach yesterday… sad. I don’t know why. But at least i’ll get the manga tomorrow, which’ll guarantee half hour’s entertainment (yeah, the new manga chapters of Bleach and Naruto can entertain me almost as long as an anime episode). But if it’s like that, then it’s like that, i can’t do a thing about it…

Today i will work, really. I need to finish a page for a project site and also i want to do the request for the KiltAnt shop, so that tomorrow i’ll only need the catching script for that request. Though i haven’t completed even the first version, i’m already planning the second – just as i do with the blog: i haven’t finished this current version yet, but i already know, what will i change in the next one. Coding a reference script with all those nice advanced features can cause such changes in my ideas.

I will also knot a keychain, out of orange, brown and white threads. I think it’ll look as good as it seems now (after about an inch), it’s a bit extreme as there are parts of it that are separate from the main pattern, making it very nice but also very hard to make. I think i may post a pic about it later, maybe not, but this one is it. I’m too lazy to make up my own designs, it’s enough to figure out which colors look good together.

Anyway, did anyone realise beside me that there are hardly any words in english that end with an “a”? As of yet, i’ve only found “idea” and “trivia”, but both of these are ancient (greek – i’m not sure whether trivia is greek or latin) words. Any more?