Hi all,

sorry for not writing yesterday, but i was dead tired (no surprise not sleeping for over two days and waking early on the before two…) and slept a lot and didn’t come online much enough to post here.

Why was i so tired? For the simple reason i was at the second largest rock festival, WAN2 from friday to sunday. I parted from home at friday dawn and arrived at Mezőtúr, where the fest took place, around noon. The concerts began around 4PM. I don’t think i should write in-depth experience stories about all of them, so i’ll only write about the biggest and best ones of friday. I’ll leave the saturday ones to the following hungarian post =).

From half past eight i was at the gig of Macskanadrág, a (skate-)punk band from my hometown. They made a really good party, though it may not have been as good as the one they did here in the local pub. They played for about an hour, and presented us the really best tracks they ever wrote. I won’t write titles, just believe me =).

When MNG finished, i went over to the Tankcsapda concert that started a few minutes earlier. I immediately pushed myself into the middle of the audience (in need for a better word), and stayed there till the end of the next gig. TCS played really good songs, and since they are really popular, everyone sang with them – myself included. After they finished, i went to get some fuel and while still singing the last songs for myself, i found myself once again in front of the stage.

Apocalyptica was the next one, so it’s no surprise i was there =). It took a while until they built their own scene on the stage and tuned the cellos, so when they begun, everyone was already prepared. I was really surprised that they only played instrumental tracks, but then i was enlightened by a fellow rocker that they only hire vocalists for their albums, but don’t bring them for their tour. So this was a really cool concert, when only we sang. They performed really well though, played all my favourite songs and even covered some songs by other bands.

And then they finished, and silence fell…