I’ve just arrived home half an hour ago. Fine. In the morning, i left for the 6:40 bus, which arrived at the capital at about half past eight. We got to the embassy soon before nine. The fun part was that there was about one and a half hour delay of some curious reason, so we got in only a few minutes before noon. Then we still had to wait a couple of minutes, until a nice administrator lady fetched all the required papers, and told me to wait until i’d be called to a talk. Well, that talk was something like this:

Administrator: Please put both index fingers on the screen.

After i did so

Ad.: Thank you.

Me: That’s all?

Ad.: Yes. Good bye, have a nice day.

Me: Good bye.

After that, we could leave. Luckily we caught the 13:15 bus back home, so i could have lunch at 3 pm. After that i went to the library with a friend, wrote down some japanese excercises, then had a very big talk. I arrived home starving and half asleep. Since then i’ve eaten and also solved my starvation’s problem with two huge sandwiches. Sleepyness is still present, even though i’ve slept both to and back on the bus. Not that serious though.