Today i’ve watched the last episodes of Shakugan no Shana. Won’t write about it for now though, you’ll see why when my prescious little secret project will pop out. OK, it’s nothing like a big thing, but i like it. Although it’s not even original. Short about Shana: liked it. Laughed at it a lot, but don’t think it was only something crazy funny thing like… well, like some crazy funny thing, it was rather cute instead. Also, there were loads of cool fights and such, well designed characters and everything. Ooops. I still managed to write about it… Jeez.

I also fixed a minor bug in the blog that appeared only when you clicked on a respect link for the first time in a session. Don’t need to check it out now, i say it’s fixed.

I also have loads of work to get done. A whole AJAX-based multi-language shop with a PayPal check-out on the end, with user management, cart and all stuff. And i don’t have much time for it… At least i’ve already done the plans, so now it’ll be much quicker than planlessly. I don’t think it’d take much long…

Only problem is that tomorrow i’ll have my first-aid exam for the driving licence. Not the stuff is the problem that i’ve to learn, but that i don’t know what i should learn. Is it only that the lecturer said and showed at the lessons? Or even more? Gosh. I should ask someone who already did it.