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Driving licence

So, on the third try, i (miraculously) got it. I really have no idea how could i pass now and got failed the last time, considering i honestly did horrible this time (messed up one of the sharp turns and put out the turn signal too late once).

My conclusion is that it depends totally on the examiner. It doesn’t matter if you do perfectly (or as close as one can get to perfect), if they want to fail you, they will. On the other hand, if you get a nice guy (or just one who isn’t dead set on failing you) then you can make mistakes and still pass.

My case as a prime example.

Jogosítvány, második rész

Namost az álláshoz, megkaptam, kellene japán jogsi. Az meg nekem nincs. Egyelőre. Eleve azt hittem, hogy mielőtt kijöttem, megcsináltattam a nemzetközi jogsit, amivel elvileg elég egyszerűen lehet aztán japánt is csináltatni, de mint később kiderült, nincs ilyenem.


I called the driving licence center.

“Hello, I’d like to get a Japanese licence based on my Hungarian one. I have all the paperwork and translations. What are the fees?”
“2200 yen for the exam, and 1500 (or something along those lines) for car use.” (I don’t have a car, by the way.)
“I’ve been told that I don’t have to take an exam. Hungary is in the Geneva convention.”
“What country are you from?”
“Hungary.” (Duh I just said it like 2 times already.)
“Right, then you don’t have to take the exam.”
“So how much will it cost?”
“2200 yen for the exam, 1500 for car use and further 2200 if you passed the exam.” (You what mate?)