I’ve just come up for air – i’ve just finished a really unique book i’ve been reading and talking about lately, Coming up for air by George Orwell. It was surely worth reading. It’s sometimes so light and cheerful that you almost hear the birds singing outside, even if there’s only the noise of passing cars and trains, but at other times it’s so dark and depressing that you could be depressed all evening just because of it, maybe not even realising what’s causing it – and all this in a way, that you not only can see everything that’s printed on the pages well alive around yourself, but its pre-second-world-war era world simply encages you, gets to the depths of you, and changes your way of thinking. It’s very similar to the effect of 1984, with the difference that since (most of) the communist regimes have already fallen, so there’s quite a low chance that such a world could become reality sometime. It’s the exact different with this book: you know, that this world it’s about really exists, it’s not a bit fictional, but the possible most real, so real that we’re living in it too. No, i don’t mean that times around the world war, but that world that’s starting to materialize around that time, that world George, the “hero” of the book, who’s not even a bit of a hero (at least so you think) is so bitter to accept, the very world we live in.