It seems i like writing such things, so there’s even more coming…

there sat the hollow dread
that even the hallows dread
the empty fear of sudden death
the fear of taking your last breath
on a trunk beside the road
that by bad luck i too trode
there it sat like a huge black bird
glaring at me without a word
and i asked, asked with a mad fright
‘hallowed be thou, lord of the night
for thou may quash all mortal might
before thou stands no human pride
and thou foreseeth all out deeds
how we strew our evil seeds
but please be kind o mighty death
please don’t take me, spare thy wrath
tell me what plans though with me hath
let me be of help on thy path
or kill me this very instant
as you killed that little infant’
but in his eyes there was no place
for any kind of godly grace
and he killed me without a thought
thus queth the demon nevermore