Today we went out to the cemeteries where our ancestors are buried, and i was driving. It was fun (the driving part, i mean). While there, i started to think of what would stand on my headstone. I’ve seen some with phrases like “… who could only love.” and such, which i know wouldn’t match me. Is it a crazy thing to think of such matters when i’m only a month after my eighteenth birthday?

I also remembered that last year, when we were out to the graves, i was listening to the Cranberries song Zombie. That was a bit morbid too, i think, to listen to such a song on the Día de los muertos (the day of the dead), but still, that was it. Today the most catchy one was As long as i fall by Helloween, especially the chorus part:

As Long As I Fall
I don’t hit the ground

As Long As I Fall
I’m safe and sound

As long as I fly
I sure cannot die
I don’t need to hear the call
As Long As I Fall

Helloween – As long as I fall