From my LJ blog, i wrote this while my account was suspended.

My own blog is dead at the moment. Rather say, my space is dead. The reason behind this is that one of my hostees used a hacked forum engine, and was caught, so they suspended my account. The funniest thing of all is, that they don’t respond to my e-mails, in which i ask them the details of what’s going on. This sucks. But at least i have this blog too at LJ, i post this here, maybe someone will read it, maybe not. The sure thing is, when my space will be back, i’ll copy this there too.

It’s also interesting, that while i couldn’t write, i had ideas storming in my brain, but the very moment i opened this page with this nicely formatted form to post my stuff, all there remained is silence. Troublesome, so to say.

At least in the near future i’ll get my payments, so i could start shopping for christmas, pay the next year’s rent for my space (this year’s will expire in a week) and live happily until i die. Well, this last doesn’t really have anything to do with my payments, but still.