From the LJ blog too.

Fine. Guess i’m exhausted like a piece of coal after burning for a week all long. Today i held a presentation at my school’s annual maths student circle, about chaos theory. On my part, it was good i think, i myself enjoyed it very much, even though or maybe exactly because of the great excitement before. You sense it correctly that still something was missing—the visual presentation i prepared (naturally in PowerPoint, as i couldn’t expect the school equipment accept anything else) wouldn’t start. You may guess how much this annoys me, after spending hours and hours working on it. Well, anyway, i hope i’ll be chosen for the end-of-term circle, where the term’s best presentations will be held again. Heh. Next week i’m doing another one too, in the language circle—it’ll be something about Japan, naturally at least partially (though i’ve thought of doing it completely) in Japanese, but the exact subject is still to be figured out.

Tomorrow i have two philosophy lessons, and i still have to write two essays, at least four pages each. I’m seriously thinking about postponing this a few days…

I don’t know what’s going to happen with my space. The problem is, my account is still suspended due to those illegal files of a hostee, the hosting company won’t take the trouble of responding to my e-mails, and my account would expire on the fourteenth anyway. I don’t care if i need to switch hosts, as i already found some better ones, but i would need the files and databases, especially those of the hostees. Troublesome—or as Shikamaru would say: めんどくせぇ mendokusē