I’ve been trying to do a LRC karaoke file to bring everywhere along on my MuVo, but there were problems, as expected. First of all, hardly any LRC could be found on at least english sites, i have to browse chinese and who knows whatnot sites to have a slight chance to find a file. I somehow managed to find the karaokes for a Rammstein and a Dream Theater album back sometime, but a great Skindred like We Want is hopeless to find. No matter, then turn ourselves into karaoke-makers!

As if that was so easy. First of all, the Skindred lyrics are everything but slow. Then, with the Lyrics Editor that Creative gave to MuVo, is totally useless, since it can handle only whole-second differences. So that’s out of sight. Now comes EvilLyrics, which is indeed a great tool, though it constantly annoys me with that it simply refuses to load any foreign karaoke files (and mine too), saying the lyrics are different. When i make a new one, it rejects that one too. Thanks a lot. Now i’ll give it a last try, if still no success comes, then i give up.

Oh, one more thing. I already did a well-timed, “perfect” karaoke file for We Want, simply the lines i used were too long, and they couldn’t be displayed on the screen of MuVo. Then again, for some misterious reason, this gadget handles even its native karaoke format quite strange, sometimes lagging back half seconds or not displaying lines at all. Nice.