I don’t mean the deviantART artist—he has a great gallery by the way, i once feated a drawing of his. His style just rocks, but nowadays he only draws crazy comic strips.

So, if not him, then what? Once i got a kite from by bro as a present, and now was the time to try it out—earlier either it was not the best weather for it or i just forgot it. There was no wind now either, but we didn’t care. The kids of my other bro came with me, let’s just call them bro and sis from now on. For the first few attempts, we tried it so that they threw it up anytime there was even a slightest bit of wind—and it didn’t work. Nor did it when i was the one throwing it, so we had to think a little bit. If there is no wind, let’s make some. Naturally not by blowing, but by running. So it was like they threw it, and the moment it left their hand i pulled and started running like crazy. Since it was behind me, i could only navigate by its shadow, which was not an easy job. Especially since it was sunset, so soon even the shadow disappeared–not to mention i couldn’t stop, because then it’d fall. It was fun though, i really enjoyed it.