I’ve seen this article linked in at Caracalla’s. I wondered if it’s right what it tries to say… Is it really a fact, that valedictorian students are just “lousy bloggers”, totally hopeless in the business, unable to write anything interesting? I think i can label myself a valedictorian – even my nick fits that title. But… I’ve always been trying not to become someone boring. This already puts me in the loser category of the copyblogger, since i’ve been trying. It’s not like i started writing and everyone was like “wow” (sadly). Though… On the other hand, it may not be such a bad thing to have a comment ratio of less than 1.0 – it kind of gives the blog an alternative atmosphere, even if that’d be a bit forced category to apply. I can write whatever i want, almost no one cares. Would it be better if i could write whatever i want, and everyone would be interested? Do you want to see your blog popular? What would it feel like? (Don’t have to answer in english.)