Today i’ve been to school – no success. I wanted to fetch my letter of reference from the headmaster, but they claimed that they asked my form teacher for her opinion, and she hadn’t yet responded. Man, how irresponsible they can be? Even i know that whatever she promises, she forgets that very moment… I won’t get that letter of reference on next tuesday, what they said, not even friday, if it depends on her. But i’d kill then, because the monday of the week after the next is the deadline for application (for the scholarship in japan). But at least i could have lunch at school, because a second-year friend gave me his.

Since i arrived home, i did nothing, and that’s troubling. In the evening we’re going to a “Dumaszínház” event with a friend, and before that (so in the coming hour), i should learn at least three math questions for the monday exam… I’m done with about five out of twenty as of now. No worry. I collected some of my past designs into one folder, and did one more, an alternate skin for my domain after i’m done with the CMS that’ll be the base of it. It looks fun, and very-very web2.0… I’m into diagonal stripes, gradients, shadows and glows nowadays, when it comes to designing. I fear i’m becoming more and more general… I should design something really unique. Oh, and if you send me an image, i’ll do a possibly valid XHTML+CSS page out of it. If i can, that is.