Today haven’t turned out exactly how i planned… But somehow i’ll manage. I’m dead tired now, and that’s the reason of the change: tonight i had a programme planned which would need a lot more energy than i have now. First, i had my math exam today, about which i’ll write (a bit) more later), then i had lunch at school, and went out shopping with my mom. Don’t think we went to a plaza and started the shopping of the usual artificial human visitors–we went to sports stores to buy various equipment: for example we bought a new front tyre for my bike (though i couldn’t put it on in lack of the neede tools) and (in Tesco) eight two-liter bottles of Schweppes tonic. I drink a lot of that stuff nowadays (as of now, i was into Kinley (the Coca-Cola version), but someone suggested that i should give this one a try too). Now i started reading those tens of blogposts and news that piled up in the past two days (i haven’t checked anything yesterday), with only one interruption planned: having dinner in a few minutes. I asked my private chef (my mom) to put together a (usually very good) vegetable-salad for me. Olive, tomatoes, and loads of other stuff the name of which i don’t know even in hungarian, not to mention english.