I usually try to pray without asking for anything (and i usually fail, but more about this later). Why? Because who am i to ask anything from God Almighty? What am i in this infinite world, why would he even move a finger to help me? At all, do i deserve it? Am i not a sinner? I am—and that makes it worse: i am a sinner, i know, and yet i sin again and again, knowing i am doing something wrong. Still, i’m bound by my body. And my consciousness adapts. Sadly. But when i’m in a pitch, i don’t think—i pray and hope.

But i didn’t want to go in-depth of this topic (now). I wanted to write about my plans for the summer. Nice beginning, nay? The beginning may be nice, but i can only hope that the end too will be. I have so many plans for the summer… Many movies and new anime to watch, dozens (literally) of books to read, uncountable parties to attend, many thousand lines of code to write and others i don’t take into consideration yet. Beside all these, i must work, so that i’ll have the financial background for my plans. I think i won’t write more than ten posts altogether in july, because i won’t be home at all. This summer will be a silent one, but only for the blog.