A world with only nice people. A world without sin, a world without madness. An ideal world. A world where everyone would be happy to live. A world that won’t ever exist, and that makes me think about my own life. My life, that’s going to be lived in this world of dirt and foulness, that’s going to crash down into a pile of dust in a matter of years. How am i supposed to outpower the stupidity of many, when the sane are so few, and never in power? Apropos, why are the sane never in power? Or… if that never will become true, because it never will (pessimist! may someone kill me?), maybe… maybe this will bring you a minute’s peace of mind.

Title: utopic image .
Creator: *m0thyyku

I should’ve written this post in hungarian. Who cares? Who cares at all? Who would be the one to always be beside me? Probably no one. Probably i’m the one who’ll die lonely on a deserted mountain peak, meditating about his life and the true meaning (if any) behind it. I’ll go and watch the Rebuild of Evangelion. Just what i need now: a depressing, mad movie. Something familiar.