In no relation with my earlier interest in chaos theory, i first met this movie at Mefi’s a long while ago. It took a while to get myself to sit down and watch it, but in the second run (in the first run on friday, i could only watch the first part of it) i watched it all, and it was great. In a sense… it’s just shocking how much a small difference change our lives–at least it could change the life of Evan a lot. He had the “same illness” as his father… Sometime he loses his conscience, and cannot remember anything. At least so he thinks.

I don’t think i’d suprise anyone by saying that he realises that his father may not have been that ill as he seemed. Evan was/is/will be–in my opinion–a lot more crazy than his father was back when they met. He realised that by reading his diaries he kept to save memories he could actually live through them again, though by that putting a huge strain on his body (the piling up memories of many possible lifes appeared as a blood patch (correct phrase?) in his brain). Worth it?

This movie is the exact opposite as what the Jurassic Park (in which the butterfly-effect is actually mentioned, by Ian Malcolm!) or the Terminator show: those movies say that time is a predefined, unchangeable thing, much like how Cromwell believed it, but the Butterfly Effect says that you could change the timeline if you went back in time–though the effects would be impossible to calculate. So very right. You should watch it.