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I read some of the Dune books back in high school. I enjoyed the setting of the world, the vast desert of Arrakis, the ruthless political scheming, the cool tech – but at the same time I really disliked the idea of genetic memory and all the plot devices that arise from it, and I felt that the use of gholas is a very cheap writing trick. I was still looking forward to the new Dune movie directed by Villeneuve, mostly because I was impressed by the trailer and also because I loved his Arrival.

Beer bars to check out in Tokyo

Tokyo has a lot of places to grab a beer. Considering that even in medieval Europe even a bigger village would have its pub, it’s no surprise that the largest city in the world is in no short supply for establishments serving booze. If you ask for “a beer” in most of them however, you’re gonna get a draft Kirin, Asahi Super Dry or Premium Malt’s—mass-produced lager/pilsner suitable for chugging down by the pint, but won’t get you much excitement as a beer. Craft beer is alive and well in Japan, and if you know where to look, you can find real gems both domestic and global.

Now that the covid state of emergency is nearing its end, here are some places I visit to get hydrated. Or beer-drated? How does that work?


I’ve rewatched the Arrival movie from 2016 a bunch of times, though most of the times skipping here and there, just “kinda” rewatching the parts that tickle my brain the right way, out of order as fitting to the movie.

I won’t pretend to understand the dilemma of the heroine or why her choice resulted in what it did. I haven’t been married or had a child, so the gravity of those just goes right above my head. I just assume “probably pretty bad.”


So many people online-around me went on and on about how awesome and great and so on the british series called Misfits is, i gave in to the temptation and checked it. Must say it really is.

Peacocks are birds After All

The other album recommended to me during my rock’n’roll streak was the Peacocks’ album titled After All. For some mysterious reason during the week or so when i was only listening to 横浜銀蝿, Kings of Nuthin’, Elvis and this album, this album got the least listens even though i was playing on shuffle and it doesn’t have that much less songs compared to the Kings’ album (15 compared to 20). Either way, it’s definitely not because i didn’t like it, because like i did. A lot.

Old habits die hard

Back in the first days of July, when i had my rock’n’roll only days, The Kings of Nuthin’, which i did. They are indeed very similar, though quite different in many ways from 横浜銀蝿, which is more… traditionally rock’n’roll.

Battle LA

I think i’ve seen the trailer of this movie once quite long ago, not sure where, might’ve been on a flight back/to Japan, anyway, i decided i should check this out. I liked the old Independence Day movie, and this seemed just the same.

It is.

“World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” is its full title, and the movie is just as original as its title shows (no matter the Original Film logo at the beginning). In the very first scenes an army guy uses the phrase “textbook military invasion”. Well, this movie is a “textbook military movie”.

There are invading aliens, there are the heroic marines who fight them, there are the poor civilians caught up inbetween (and of course the marines are trying to save them), there’s even the standard flashback to the day before the action starts so that the viewers will get attached to the characters (not happened), there’s the usual officer with a failure in his past that cost many lives…

It’s really a textbook military movie, but at least it doesn’t claim anything else. It was good enough.

Alice (the 2009 one)

I checked the 2009 Alice movie, because why not, but after watching it i can tell you why not: it’s bad. Sad but true. It looks cool, but the only characters who had any kind of character to them were the (Mad) Hatter and the Knight, everyone else was either annoying, plain and/or stupid.

The movie’s a Hollywood touch on the Alice in Wonderland theme, set god knows how long after the “Alice of legends” set foot in Wonderland and stirred some trouble. Most characters show up again, but only in name, so even if there’s a Caterpillar, even if there’s a cat with the grin, they don’t play any role and are there just for being there.

The story is dumb, all the running around and trying to do something totally different every ten minutes doesn’t help either. It’s just the C-grade Hollywood stock and of course there’s a kissing scene too, telling the world again that the ideal American girl is a slut.

You shouldn’t watch this movie unless you have your girl (replace as fitting for your sexual preferences) beside you and you wouldn’t be watching the movie anyway.

StarCraft 2

Oh, de vártam már. A vizsgaidőszak közepén aztán egyszer nézem a postaládámat, és tararadám, ott figyelt a doboza egy amazonos csomagban. Aztán véget ért a vizsgaidőszak, és onnantól nagyjából csak játszottam. Amióta tokiói életemnek és ezzel az egész éjszakás DotA meccseknek vége lett, csak neteztem, sorozatokat néztem és kódoltam a gépen, mást nem igazán. De most.

A StarCraft 2 egy élmény. Természetesen nem tökéletes, olyan nincs, de néhány kivétellel pont olyan, mint az első, és ez jó. Élmény, jó játék, és szerintem kellemes zárása három év várakozásnak.

A leglátványosabb egyértelműen a grafika. Immár háromdében, sok csili-vili effekttel lehet élvezni a Koprulu szektor három fajának csatározásait. Öh, és ezzel úgy gondolom, vége is a felsorolásnak. Új egységeken és pár apróbb játékmenetbeli változáson kívül ugyanis semmi eltérés nincs. A történet jó, bár a Wings of Liberty csak a terran kampányt öleli fel, a protoss (bár azt azért ide is becsempészték) és zerg folytatások majd később érkeznek. Ettől függetlenül persze multiban és/vagy gép ellen mindhárom faj játszható.

Stargate SG-1

I watched all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1. It was long, but for most of the time, entertaining. I won’t go into the story much, because on the one hand it’s long, on the other, i don’t want to spoil anyone who by chance is yet to see SG-1.

During the ten seasons, i got used to the storywriting habits of the creators. There are a few types of episodes, which come up again and again. One type of course is the main story episode. Going out there to fight the evil aliens, trying to find weapons that can neutralize them, stopping rogue men in black and stuff like that, these are the episodes that don’t get boring after five seasons. The other types are fillers. SGC being attacked by some alien organism, sickness, radiation, something that they have to contain and eliminate if they don’t want to risk the planet (any more). Someone disappearing mysteriously, into another dimension or phase shifting, and they have to figure out how to reverse the effect. Time travel and time paradoxes, on which i simply don’t want to waste words. Offworld missions, where the team or a member is caught by the native residents and they have to free the prisoners. The team being caught up in a war, revolution, rebellion, political dispute or something along these lines, and they have to survive. Stargate travel causing some unexpected catastrophic effects, which they have to neutralize. And a few more. Even if written down like this they seem many, over 200+ episodes it gets quite repetitive after a while.