I’m into layouts nowadays, it seems. I’ll write the promised two posts on the layout and/or version changes of those big sites, but now i’m just announcing that the possibly final layout of the next blog version is ready, more or less. Rather less, since i’ve only done a graphic design of it, haven’t tried to implement it into html as of yet, but it won’t be hard, because this one’s simple, but–at least in my opinion—looks great. While working on it, i realised that if i’ll have a tag system instead of or beside the categories, then the tags should echo the actual content of the post, which in many cases would mean that a tag should be present in more than one language. That’d be quite troublesome, but i think i’ll manage to figure out some resolution (such as multi-lingual tags, same id, different language, a simple double unique key in the database). One question: should the next blog remain in english (i mean the website itself, not the content) or should i rather do it in hungarian (or—don’t choose this, because that’d be loads of work—should i make a multi-lingual interface)? Is there anyone out there reading me, who doesn’t know hungarian?