How does it feel to post your artwork on deviantArt, your photos or thoughts on Tumblr, or just a blogpost on the sphere, when you know that no one is interested, you can write whatever you want, you could announce that you invented the cold fusion engine, and minimized it so that it fits into your pocket, no one would read you, simply because they don’t know you are there. There are so many people on these places, that you need more than one out of the following: huge luck (for some editor or a famous blogger to stumble upon your activity), extreme patience (to constantly post your works, however tiring that may be, and wait for the people to slowly realise who you are), lot of free time (to go around the sphere finding interesting people and starting to follow them or comment on their posts, hoping that they’ll come back to you to return the favour—note, this is the best way to do it, though it needs loads of devotion) or loads of friends or fans beforehand (if you’re a successful blogger or artist before joining a site where a couple of your readers is present, then you won’t have to wait a minute to receive a comment on whatever you did). Regarding the last few words of the parentheses: the most annoying thing is when you do your best and write or draw or photo really high quality stuff, any no one pays attention because some “popular person” just pooped in his hat. It’s just annoying. You can’t (shouldn’t) spend all your time before the screen just so that you’ll get a couple more visitors, and a bit of appreciation for your work.