To be honest, i’m not that huge fan of Facebook, but i’m registered ever since my american exchange partner invited me. I wasn’t using it much, so i’m not familiar with it’s deeper functioning, but i’ve read that there’s a new version available, at least the layout is new, and it’s available at I decided to check it out, but except for a couple of changes in the layout, i couldn’t see much change. There’s a new bar at the top and the bottom of the page, the bottom one being the more important, displaying how many of your friends are online, your notifications and a popup chat. The Wall got a lot bigger space on the profile page, and somehow all the applications that took up so much disappeared (may be they are not yet running on the “new Facebook”), just a couple is squeezed into the left sidebar. The home page didn’t really change, the left column disappeared and thus the page became a two-column design, which results in a somewhat better look. But the main design, the colours and basically everything else remained just the same. I’ve got the feeling that they’re either going to change a lot more in the future, or they’re afraid that their users won’t be able to get used to the new interface if it changed too much—which is a real danger, seeing the average performance of community site users. If anyone else has a different opinion, or was using Facebook more than i, feel free to write your opinions.